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wordpress error -
Multisite is not supported
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘<’, expecting end of file in /home/vol11_6/epizy.com/epiz_28605409/creater.eu.org/htdocs/wp-admin/includes/theme.php on line 1212

There has been a critical error on this website.

everything would be fine if the code was the problem - except it isnt. everything is right and ive checked it so many times now. the code is: (the if ( ! $header->url) is the 1212 line)

function get_header_image_tag( $attr = array() ) {
	$header      = get_custom_header();
	$header->url = get_header_image();

	if ( ! $header->url ) {
		    return '';

	$width  = absint( $header->width );
	$height = absint( $header->height );
	$alt    = '';

I believe this is not supported on free hosting

As for

Likely is due to this

Take note of this as well


You can use Multisite on our hosting, but only in sub-path mode, not subdomain mode, due to limitations in how you can set up subdomains.

But a “Parse error” is 100% a code issue, the error literally means that the file contains stuff that’s not valid PHP code.


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