Wordpress error

hi my website orangseo [dot]com

got critical error message ,i try to change the folder plugins and theme plugins to plugins.hold/themes.hold but seems nothing working ?what should i do ?

this is the initial error.

this is after i set the wp config debug into “true”

Try this


thanks man,seems so complicated im hoping for easy rename plugins folder ,but hey i’ll give it a try

hey man ,i try to upload wp content from fresh downloaded wordpress[dot]org. but nothing changes,i overwrite all the wp content from my htdoc website files and still nothing,the guide in the link u share tell to upload all wordpress fresh file to the htdocs n overwrite it correct?isn’t that gonna lost my all files and makes my website goes to default??thanks

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Dun worry, the WP fresh installation shd only hv “plugins” and “themes” directory.


It will not overwrite your content or posts.
Since the link I sent did not work for you, see below for another way…


hey man i know u point out the softacoulus way ,but lets try get back from the filezilla transfer thing first.

this is what i do,i upload the whole wordpress folder to my htdocs,i’m doing it right? if its nothing happen my site stills error,i just want to make sure i’m doing it right before taking the softacolous way, thx man.

Cause i’m doing softacoulus backup rn but the backup won’t created.

You are doing it wrong.
You shd dump the contents in “wordpress” to htdocs.

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ctrl + all the content and upload n overwrite to htdocs ? gotcha

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Is ur storage close to 5GB limit? If so, clr some files

okay ,i’ll try this way first if this time works than i dont need to do the backup thing right?

Is always gd to hv backup in case…

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You can also manual backup by copying the “wp-content/uploads” contents to ur pc/laptop…

should i upload and overwrite wp-content as well ? isn’t gonna delete my content?

See prev posts

okay gotcha,bit confused

thanks man it works like a charm,appreciate all the help ,u r live safer. :top:


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