Wordpress error while create new post

I have installed Wordpress and it works absolutely fine on my domain https://krishnajha.life

wordpress admin https://krishnajha.life/wp-admin

But, whenever i create a new post on wordpress dashboard it takes me to this link (post editer)

Once i click on Publish button to publish the New Post I am getting below error.

Publishing failed. You are probably offline.

PFA - The Screen Shot of the error for your reference.

Hello there,

Try using the old version of the editor of WordPress called Classic Editor instead of using the new WP editor called Gutenberg.

You must install and activate the Classic Editor plugin first since it’s not the default content editor for WordPress anymore.

But the same Gutenberg editor is working for the other domains i have only for this domain i am facing this issue.

I have also tried installing classic Editor and still facing the same issue.

Shall i uninstall the wordpress and reinstall again

I’m absolutely not sure but if you are comfortable reinstalling WordPress then you can proceed to try it.

If it still doesn’t work when you reinstall WordPress then I’m not sure what’s really causing the issue, it could be that the Gutenberg or the newer versions of WordPress is incompatible with the server in which your site is hosted.

I suspect this error is being caused by the fact that you’re using Cloudflare with their “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”. This is why we recommend against using such “magic fixing options”, because they have a tendency to break in strange ways.

Can you please try to configure your website like this instead and see if that works?


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