Wordpress email and password

*My website URLis:http://bluewhalebv.epizy.com/

What I’m seeing is:How I view the email and password of Wordpress? InfinityFree just provides database infos and platform infos.If I host wordpress by using this.How I get the email and password that system automatically created?

I’m using this software:Wordpress

Additional information:


If you install it via Softaculous or manually, then the credentials are the ones you set up. If you already installed it, but don’t remember username and password, then you’ll have to recover them from the wp_users table, or whatever it will be called, on the database’s phpMyAdmin, and you can find the username and the encoded password in there. To reset the password (if you don’t remember it), inside the wp_users table on the database’s phpMyAdmin follow steps 3 and 4 of this guide.


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