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I did a manual installation of wordpress, creating the database myself, uploading the files.

Everything works great, with the exception of the update.

When I send wordpress to update, it starts normally, unzips the files, but stops at the “Installing” screen and never leaves.

What could be going on?

Other Information

Plugins update normally, the problem is just to update wordpresss.

Best way to use Wordpress here is through Softaculous. The Wordpress Update function in Softaculous works, as long as you used Softaculous to install it initially.


You can do it this way, though is more troublesome

Hi @wackyblackie

Thanks for the tip,

I prefer installing manually to have control over the database name and all the rest of the installation. If not, I’ll use a hint.


Yes, the issue I encountered is basically updating wordpress.

In other hosts I use, I’ve never had any problems with this.

Within the wordpress dashboard I just go there and click refresh, and everything works great. But here at Infinitefree I’m having this problem.

I believe it may have something to do with the processing limitation or the time it takes to unzip large files, I’m not sure, but I wish it wasn’t that.

Thanks for your tip.

Someone from the InfiniteFree team could shed some light and explain what’s going on, if it’s a normal behavior of the platform.

This is very bad, updating a website is something of paramount importance and it should work normally.

Let’s wait for a position from the team or someone who has already been through this.

Tanks for now

Updating via WP admin does not work well here. In fact, the WP site could get corrupted.

That’s the limit of free hosting

Very normal, that’s why the following was suggested


Softaculous does have this ability.

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I will try. Very thanks

Thanks Everyone

Have nice day

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