wordpress dashboard isn't visible, keep getting error.

This page isn’t working

"DomainWebsite" redirected you too many times.


unable to reach my wordpress dashboard after installing it. 

after installing it when I open my website and type after my website(wp_admin/) OR directly open from inside the Current installations(link infront of Admin Url). and keep refreshing it till next day. 

I installed it on 10pm around, 12 January, 2019.

how to fix it?

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website address?
probably the wrong plugin or theme
please use FTP and temporarily rename folders plugins and themes (add X at the end)
then try to enter the dashboard
and then return the folder names and move the problematic plugins

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Also getting error 521 (web server is down). I am also keep getting this error even before this attempt to re-install wordpress. 

Is it connected to earlier problem? 

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that is why I ask you for website address
do you use cloudflare? if yes what SSL on cloudflare are you using ?
I hope it is not Full (Strict)

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Yes, I use cloudflare. 
It is Flexible ssl. 
Do I need to change it to Full (Strict)?

btw. I’m going to sleep because I’m useless without web address

actually, while installing the wp I have written some inappropriate intro, hesitant to share the website untill I edit it. I am sorry. I can understand your situation.

Back to the issue, I have changed ssl to ‘full(strict)’ now error changed to ERROR 526(invalid ssl cert.)

But when I changed it to ‘full’ then it is working fine. 

so would you like to recommend or still want web address?

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I recommend ssl full
but not strict - it knows to create problems as well as others
Leave it so if it’s ok :slight_smile:

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The best SSL mode to use with Cloudflare is "Full". You use "Flexible" mode only when the backend service does not support HTTPS at all (but all InfinityFree sites are HTTPS enabled by default), and it tends to cause redirect issues with some software.

"Full (strict)" mode can only be used if you've installed a valid SSL certificate yourself. Our default SSL certificate is not recognized by browsers, so Cloudflare returns an error page if you use it.

Is there any detailed step by step guide to set up ssl certificate?
After changing it to ‘full’, it still giving error.
I don’t know what’s wrong I did.

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Also getting issue of ‘website suspended’. Is it also through cloudflare?

Yes, that guide is available here: https://infinityfree.net/support/how-to-install-an-ssl-certificate/

However, that’s only if you want to install an SSL certificate on your hosting account. Cloudflare installs an SSL certificate on your website automatically, but takes up to 24 hours to do so.

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Thanks a lot @Admin