Wordpress dashboard hacked

When i edit my wp website from my dashboard , i am always redirected to a new ad website.
my wp dashboard is infected with ads virus.
please help me to get rid of it.

We are not malware experts to identify the issue with some words.

Provide your website URL and I will perform a check or simply do a reinstallation of WP


Have you installed any new plugins recently?

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Nothing, a computer or a server can be hacked without you downloading the virus, or unintentionally adding some sort of unsafe script. Nobody can hack your site all of a sudden, unless they have the password.

Since this is WordPress related, I would advise you do the following:

  1. Remove any nulled themes or plugins if you have (this is usually the case)
  2. Remove any code you’ve added before this incident happened
  3. Make sure you haven’t registered with any ad network
  4. Change your FTP username and password in the client area and also change your WP and InfinityFree username/email and password.

Since you have no access to the WP Dashboard, use FTP for Step 1. If none of these steps work, then your last resort is to take a backup of only posts and pages, and then add in the plugins and themes one by one, this way you can detect where the virus is coming from.


i want to uninstall wp.
please help me

installed WordPress via Softaculous .

Go to softaculous the. Click on installations and click the red x button. It will remove WordPress. Please also used verified plugins as pirated plugins are illegal , terms of service do not condone it And Those might create problems

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