WordPress config.php file for Infinity Free

I was trying to get my WordPress website installed at Infinity Free. Of course, it cost $0, so there’s no support. Being a newbie, I believe I wrote over the wp-config.php file in my haste to get it up and running. I knew I had to change the prefix for the database files, but there must be more to the specialized installations done for their site. Is there a place where I can find a sample of their wp-config.php file, so I can only edit what I need to edit? I don’t want to have to trash everything and start from scratch. Infinity Free only allows 10 MB file sizes for upload, so it will be a pain to have to go through the file transfer again. Unless there is a plug in that actually works. WP Vivid does not work for this situation.

Hope this helps!


Welcome @johnacuircle3452!

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I would recommend just reinstalling WordPress. If you use the free and fast softaculous installer (Found in the control panel) you can get WordPress installed and ready to go in less than 10 minutes. Just make sure to delete your current installation first.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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