Wordpress cache issue with cloudflare

So i link my wordpress site to cloudflare, is it that issue on screenshot caused by cloudflare?
Because cloudflare has its own cache management, right?
And i have plugin cache for my wordpress but still get this issue message
How to make my plugin cache work to cloudflare, and cloudflare use its own cache to client or browser work together?

I think you need to use a plugin that integrates with cloudflare like wp rocket or litespeed cache


Thank you, i’ll try it!


I agree with the general recommendation, not the example plugins. My first recommendation would be to use the plugin Super Page Cache for Cloudflare – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org , seeing how that’s actually intended for Cloudflare.

LiteSpeed Cache is designed to be used with the LiteSpeed web server, which we don’t have. And I’ve been told that the LiteSpeed plugin is quite mediocre without it, so I would recommend against using it without the server.


Thanks admin, i’ll try it one by one,


Is it same with this cdn feature from wp fastest cache?

I don’t know exactly how they integrate with the CDN. Feel free to try and see which works for you.

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Yes, that’s correct, if I am not wrong it would ask for API credentials?

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Sorry for late reply, yeah they ask for api

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