Wordpress and SSL problem

I generated an ssl private key and cert through infinityfree.
I went to my Cpanel, clicked on ssl/ttl and copy and pasted my private key into the correct feild and cert into the correct field, leaving the csr blank.

I then tried to access my site, however no ssl is shown in browser and I can not login to wordpress due to error insecure site. I checked my site agaisnt an ssl checker and am still showing that my site is not secured by ssl.

ssl checker and what the browser says when i try to login to wordpress.

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I just checked your control panel and there doesn’t seem to be a certificate uploaded to it. And the CSR field has content.

If you’re installing a certificate generated from the client area, then do not use the Generate Key / CSR button. You don’t want to generate a key and CSR in the control panel. The client area generates a private key and CSR for you which you will want to upload.

If you try to upload the private key and certificate from the client area again (and be sure to use the Upload buttons, not Generate buttons), your website should start using it.

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after a few tries i finally was able to get it to upload correctly. i believe the problem was i was just copy and pasting, instead up using the upload buttons.

Now I am encountering another error when trying to install jetpack in order to restore my site from an old backup.

the error is “cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate”

should I create a new post under the wordpress category or leave this here for an answer?

The forms don’t auto-save and the Upload button only uploads the content of the box it’s next to. So it’s:

  1. Paste private key.
  2. Click Upload Key.
  3. Paste certificate.
  4. Click Upload Certificate.

I see you’ve already created one:

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