Wordpress admin login page isn't working

Username (epiz_27653480 ) or website ( digitalremedytechies.epizy.com )

This page isn’t working

digitalremedytechies.epizy.com redirected you too many times.


my wordpress admin login page is not opening . Can u guide me how can i fix this and is there any alternative method to open my wordpress.

I am facing one more error… i.e, my website is showing error 500 when opening with pc… But when i am opening it with phone it is opening with different format…

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Screenshot from 2021-01-11 03-29-42

I see 508 and 404 http errors, including a reference to localhost.
Seems like you’re moving WordPress from your computer to here. See WordPress official article for more information.

Also make sure you upload your files properly using FileZilla


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