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When I updated my website to WordPress 6.0 it said that there was a critical error on my website and I cant access it.

Also WordPress 6.0 may not be supported here.


Next time, please update WordPress from Softaculous to avoid errors such as this.

@mods, please create warning topic

But there is no option in Softacalous to do that

That is because Softaculous should only contain supported versions.


So it will be impossible for me to ever get WordPress 6.0

Yeah, it might work or not work.

Since WP Core recommends PHP 8.0. Nevertheless, my site to seems to work with PHP 7.4


WP still not deprecating PHP 7.4 yet :thinking:


The problem is that this time the latest update is not there. I do it that way but it hasn’t been available until the critcal error occured and I can’t use FTP to fix anything while I haven’t updated the Wordpress version

This suck. It seems like it’s not working for me

Updating through Softaculous is easy and reliable, so that’s the best if it is available. But it may take some time for Softaculous to add the new version of WordPress to their installer, and sometimes a while longer for the software to be available on our Softaculous server.

So generally, it’s not a bad idea to wait a week or two for the update to be available in Softaculous, and then update using Softaculous.

If you don’t want to wait, you can also do a manual upgrade by uploading the files over FTP first. That’s usually a lot less error prone than updating through the built-in installer. The official WordPress docs have some instructions about this:


Thank you! Now it is available in softacalous

The softaculous app also gives an error that the site isn’t secure and blocks you from access. Am using Edge

Please select “More Information” then “Report as safe” or “Visit anyways”


That is a false positive. Please report it as safe.


The same thing happens to me! I use edge too. disable smart defender or go more information and continue


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