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There has been a critical error on this website.

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I usually update my Wordpress version via Softaculous to advoid complications comes with auto update, but this time the new version hasn’t shown on my Script installation & already the crital error has occur. please help



Hey Jai, Thank you. My concern is that the update itself is not available yet on my back end, where I usually update it. So I usually face this error whenever there’s a new update of Woocommerce or WordPress new version which at this time it’s a new update of WordPress and with that I can’t do anything since I have no latest update appearing on my installations. I always fix plugins via FTP but with this one I can’t since the latest WordPress is not installed yet.

So the help I’m looking for is to have the latest WordPress update appearing on my Softaculous end.

Probably a week or so. Who knows.


That’s strange. to me I still have Version 5.9.3

How can I fix this

Manually update WordPress via ftp.


I did understand the instruction at wordpress and I didn’t wanna mess up my site. Please if you can help with simple straight instruction

Upload the Wordpress 6.0 core files with FileZilla and select overwrite if source is newer.

It doesn’t wipeout any important information?

It shouldn’t if you don’t overwrite wp-config.php


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