Wordpress 5.5 update

I have not been able to update my word press site to 5.5 and i’m not good at using a ftp program. I thought the problem was fixed but it’s back again. Please help I’m crying . and i’ very upset

Can you mention what is the error or problem you get

Here is what i get

You gotta do it manually,coz there is a file limit of 10mb

I’ve never done that . your service stated and i quite that word press 5.5 will be ready in three or four weeks . I would like to speak to the admin and ceo of the service .

Sir,it is not in the hands of ceo/admin,Ifastnet has to update Softaculous,so we gotta wait.
And there is no way to speak directly to Admin,you can just post here,sure admin will look into this.

Instead of sharing such little information, can’t you share a pinned post written by me for a quick detailed reference? @anon77371365

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AFAIK it should be already pinned for him,so I thought not to do it.
It seems he wants in Softaculous

Yes he wants in softaculous, but he updated from wp-admin so the same issue I wrote about.

His website is not broken yet.

Please, instead of saying this just share the article. Which you have done. Stay on topic.



Yes, the issue is whenever you try to update WordPress using the auto installer. What’s funny is is that this happens with any hosting provider that users I Fast net hosting. Any other hosting providers that don’t use I fast hosting. The updates work fine. You try to get answers from ifastNet and you don’t get anywhere. Do you know out of curiosity is anyone that’s on the paid plans having the same issue? Because one minute you can update plug-ins which is OK but you cannot install WordPress updates using the south Tacular’s system. I’m going to try and see if I can update it via FTP today. Found a video on YouTube that is easy to follow so going to give that a try. A whole lot of starting And stopping the video. Will keep you posted

No, Because on the paid plan, you have no upload limits, Hence it performs the update fine :slight_smile:

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I still would like to speak to a admin please .

About what? Like others have said: the automated upgrade breaks due to PHP limits. Do a manual installation instead.

iFastNet’s premium hosting should not have this issue, because the servers are faster and the limits are higher.

Hi admin, he is so much interested in talking with you and not in solving his problem

My Problem is admin that when we last talked you stated the following . That the update for word press to fix in 2 weeks and we’s past that . Plus i have my hamradiotv.ga domain linked to an ifastnet server somewhere and i can’t remember where it to save my life . :confused: :confused:

From what I’m understanding (which isn’t much but I do remember your last topic), your trying to update from Softaculous? Well I don’t see why your waiting for the Softaculous installation. It’s going to break your site instead of updating. Maybe uploading from FTP, which is what we’ve all been telling, is the better solution?