Wordpress-5.3.2 won't install

My website URL is: jimmywangdesign.com

What I’m seeing is: An automated WordPress update has failed to complete…Downloading update from https://downloads.wordpress.org/release/wordpress-5.3.2-new-bundled.zip…The authenticity of wordpress-5.3.2-new-bundled.zip could not be verified as no signature was found… Unpacking the update…Verifying the unpacked files…Preparing to install the latest version…Enabling Maintenance mode…Copying the required files…The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

I’m using this software: Wordpress

Additional information: There is no email instructions in any inbox. Additionally, you can’t install an alternative theme. This is the first host I’ve ever seen fail to install Wordpress. I’ve even removed Wordpress and tried again and I’ve gotten the same message. And if the proposed issue is bandwidth, I should remind everyone that according to the C-Panel, Bandwidth: Unlimited

Additionally, this is a fresh install. No themes or plugins added

You’ve tried following this article?
Next, please read the Terms of Service.

It sets out that you cannot use excessive resources as to ensure fairness. This is to ensure that every user has their fair share, rather a few clients using up the resources.

Article 1: I pretty sure I did everything the instructions said. I left the directory blank so that it can be installed in http://mydomain/
If that’s the problem and I’m suppose to enter something else. I’d love to know

Article 2: If trying to install Wordpress constitutes using “excessive resources” this host is a literal joke. This isn’t my first time building a website and installing Wordpress. I’ve done it many times with many hosts. This is the first a host has had problems installing Wordpress. I’m giving the Host a fair chance to answer this problem. If no resolution comes about, then the conclusion is clear. The host just doesn’t care

Wordpress isn’t a problem. Just to let you know, Admin is the one who manages the hosting. So the second paragraph isn’t true because wordpress doesn’t constitutes that. And yes he cares, otherwise he wouldn’t have gone to brainstorm an idea of how to allow ssl certificates to be issued by Lets encrypt (which would have been blocked by the bot protection). He did it by use of CNAME record and brainstorming. But there is a limit on how many certificates can be issued for subdomains by Lets encypt. Have you tried rolling back the version?

This isn’t a subdomain. There’s only 1 domain on this host. The CNAME record was how I had to proceed to get an SSL certificate installed before making the website so that I can get https. This process has was thanks to my SSL provider, who provided above and beyond service to get this to work

I haven’t tried installing an older version but I guess I can try. There’s nothing wrong with the latest version of Wordpress. I just updated another website to the latest version of Wordpress today

Installing an older version of wordpress isn’t a fix

While trying to install the theme I get this:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

Same usual problem. There’s something wrong with the Host.

You’re probably running into the 10 MB file size limit. We’ve had to bump this limit in the past because WordPress gets more fat with almost every new version. I’ll check if we can do something about this.


Currently still can’t update to 5.3.2, still the same message:

Downloading update from https://downloads.wordpress.org/release/wordpress-5.3.2-new-bundled.zip…

The authenticity of wordpress-5.3.2-new-bundled.zip could not be verified as no signature was found.

Unpacking the update…

There isn’t a signature (checksum)? What about manual install?

Still can’t install Wordpress. This is getting very disappointing, given that this has happened in the past. I’ll give you 3 more business days, if the necessary changes can’t be made by 5 business days, then it should be abundantly clear that infinityfree isn’t a host worth anybody’s time

Error message:

Downloading update from downloads.wordpress. org/release/wordpress-5.3.2-no-content.zip…

The authenticity of wordpress-5.3.2-no-content.zip could not be verified as no signature was found.

Unpacking the update…

Verifying the unpacked files…

Preparing to install the latest version…

Enabling Maintenance mode…

Copying the required files…

There has been a critical error on your website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.

So it will still install without signature?

And what about the email?

Have you even tried manual installation?
Also who is flagging the post? There isn’t anything offensive about them.

No Fury Phoenix. It’s still the same problem, nothing has changed. Manual installation defeats the point. I should not be working this hard to make Wordpress work, when there are plenty of Hosts out there that don’t have that problem. Besides, the problem was already identified by the Admin. There isn’t enough space for the update to fit. This could easily happen again in the future when Wordpress gets bigger than the allowed file limit. What then?

This is a huge problem, as themes and plugins update as well according to Wordpress. If you can’t update Wordpress, you’re a sitting duck.

Ultimately this is a test to see how infinity free handles the situation. They either recognize the gravity of the situation and solve this quickly or they do nothing. We the user get to see their true colors

How would manual installation defeat the point? :eyes: :question: You never know until you try. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. The admin has been trying to make this free hosting as best as he can over time, but there is a long way to go. He even had to transfer sponsorship from YouHosting to iFastNet. If that doesn’t prove that he had some difficulty, perhaps I should point out, that he has written articles in the knowledge base.
It isn’t that hard to unzip a file either. Just right click and press extract. HOW HARD CAN IT BE? :imp: :imp: Also, you are allowed to upload multiple files at once. So put the extracted files in a directory, navigate to the directory and press CTRL+A (or command + a) then click the button to upload.
Also, if you want to leave, we will not (I don’t know if Admin is the only staff member or not) make life difficult for you. Feel free to transfer if you want. :sweat: :disappointed: :expressionless: :no_mouth: Also, sponsorers tend to limit what a free hosting can do. Also, I think true colors are a rainbow (We are all different DEPENDING ON THE SITUATION!).

Let me get this straight. You’re saying:

  1. Inifityfree should not be held accountable for providing the user a clear and easy way to host their website via the Softastic installer or the front-end interface.

  2. If the user encounters any problems with their service, it’s not up to Infinityfree to fix but on the user to find their own solutions around problems that’s on the Host’s end.

  3. Infinityfree’s failure to provide reasonable service is justified because they had to change sponsorship. If that’s the argument, then there’s an even bigger problem of if they are even a stable company. Maybe you don’t want to put your website on here because they might be going down.

It appears to me, that you are strongly against holding Infinityfree accountable for providing reasonable service to the end user. In fact you are blatently saying, that you DON’T want to see them make any adjustments to become better. If the service is bad, the user should leave. Wow I don’t know what they are paying you, but you’re doing a great job of driving people away from Infinityfree

How hard is it to increase the file size limit beyond 10 MB? What if in the future the size of Wordpress increases and you can’t update it the normal way and have to go out of your way to figure out an alternative way to update, just to keep your website working? Why should I put the time and effort building my site here, if the host doesn’t care at all?

You say manual installation is the answer, but it might not even work. Not everyone in the world is tech savvy enough to install it that way anyways. Unless you have a real solution, stop wasting my time

Okay, maybe i wasn’t thinking straight at the time and made some mistakes. I will correct some of the statements you have reasonably (or not reasonably) assumed.

Argument 1. Yes, you can hold them accountable and demand the best (within limitations and what as possible within restrictions), but can you take them to court? You can not because it is free, they didn’t sell anything.
Argument 2. InfinityFree, had to adjust how big a file can be. But would you like them to raise it to 0.5GB (500MB) per file? Nobody would really need a file to be that big. (Even so, it would take some significant time to read and execute).
Argument 3. Possibly, maybe not. Next, this hosting will not be going down anytime time soon. If you don’t want your website to be HERE, TRANSFER it to your preferred hosting.
Argument 3. If you want to transfer as said before, we will not stop you or make it difficult. So basically if you want to leave, you can go.

I am not definitely being paid, and that is definitely bribery which is a CRIME.
Next, I do not intend to drive away people. This is free. If you do not like the service, you can dislike the service.

I’m demanding a simple way to install Wordpress. What do you think I’m demanding? Have you been paying any attention to the words I’ve typed or are you trying to be toxic? Why do you need a courtroom for accountability? They either fix the problem or they don’t. If they don’t, then they don’t deserve customers. No customers, no business. VERY SIMPLE

Yes, I want to increase the file upload size so that I can install Wordpress. Currently, it’s not big enough so I don’t think that’s unreasonable to ask. It’s also abundantly clear that you’re not the admin, so rather than spreading false information and fake threats, would you kindly shut your mouth and leave my thread? You’re an embarrassment to your community.

Speaking of community, the only people I’ve seen reply to this thread is you and the admin. Nobody in this “community” has offered a fix to the problem in 3 days’ time and counting. I don’t know if that’s because most people are gone, but I wouldn’t be surprised

Why would being paid, be considered bribery? Clearly you’ve never heard of work, otherwise you would’ve heard of something called jobs where people get paid to do.

Why would I get a ban for criticizing the service? Or maybe what you’re trying to say is that anybody who disagrees with your opinions should be banned. If honest criticism is enough to “turn your community upside down”, then maybe you should leave my thread. You haven’t offered a fix to
the problem, because you don’t have one. Case closed. Just leave