Wordpress 403 trying to access pages or wp-admin

Username epiz_29332357 Website URL http://housemate.infinityfreeapp.com/

Hi all,

I’ve recently migrated a wordpress site to InfinityFree to test, I’ve imported all files, folders and databases in use including the wordpress one. I’ve configured the wp-config file to gain access to the wp database that I imported hence access to the index page being granted.

Despite all files being imported and wp access to the DB granted I’m unable to access pages other than the index, 403 not found and upon attempting to access other pages and 403 configuration prevented for wp-admin - please see images below.

As can be seen no images are loading either, I’ve not changed any directories from my dev enviroment so both htdocs file structures are identical. I’ve checked the .htaccess file which looks to be fine and also that access to files and folders on Infinity are set correctly - 755 which I’ve now changed to 777 to see if it made any difference but it has not.

I’m seeing many cross origin errors in the console but as all files (except links/scripts to bootstrap/jquery) are local I’m not certain why these are occuring.

If anyone could please point in the direction to a fix it would greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I can only add one screenshot at the moment because I’m new here but I’ll attempt to add the others in a response.

403 - Forbidden - The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page. - Attempting to access wp-admin.

403 - Not found on trying to access other pages

Index page - No images loading

Mhm, the website doesn’t seem to be loading.

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Same for me. It’s not even loading.


This is what I see


Hmm…did you change all old url to new url in the sql database?

Indeed, localhost → http://housemate.infinityfreeapp.com

The site seems to be loading again now and I can navigate to other pages but there’s still no images loading and I’m still getting the 403 forbidden when trying to access wp-admin.

It looks like the cross origin issues are stemming from the neve theme JS.

I can’t really provide any further info than that.

Could this be the issue? How am I meant to amend a wordpress folder/config without completely breaking things?

It shouldn’t. The folder is called wp-includes, and everyone else has no issue with it.

I can see your site now, but images and wp-admin is not working. I’m not sure what to tell you though. Make sure everything in the database is setup correct I guess.

Your url is definitely wrong. Can you double check

Make sure images are in the correct directory.

what I see is http://housemate.infinityfreeapp.com/housemate.infinityfreeapp.com



Oh, I’ll check it out now.




Exactly the same as I have it setup on another host as well as my dev environment.

Hi Greenreader,

I’ve double checked the DB, everything is exactly how it should be as far as I can see - as it is in my dev environment which works perfect, all the files and directories in htdocs are exactly the same.

PHP on XAMPP is 7.4.21 and here 7.4 so I’m mitigating that as an issue.

This is not enough.
You have to replace all localhost instance in the database

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Please note that siteurl and home need to be a URL, not just a domain name. Could you please try changing them from housemate.infinityfreeapp.com to http://housemate.infinityfreeapp.com?



@Admin Yup that was it, how I didn’t realise such before now I don’t know.

I’d have replied sooner but the site wouldn’t let me post again until now.

Thank you!