Woocommerce Upload directory security won't work

nonikdesigns.ga is my website

I keep getting this message from my WooCommerce plugin:
“Your store’s uploads directory is browsable via the web. We strongly recommend configuring your web server to prevent directory indexing.”
Mt SSL lock never shows. It says valid but does not show.

I have already done the “Options - Index” and whenever I try to access my /wp-content/uploads it says 404 Not Found, which means it is correct right? What am I doing wrong?

It also says it is recommended that I add the following code for Force Downloads:

# Protect WooCommerce upload folder from being accessed directly.
# You may want to change this config if you are using "Redirect Only" method for downloadable products.
# Place this config towards the end of "server" block in nGinx configuration.
location ~* /wp-content/uploads/woocommerce_uploads/ {
    if ( $upstream_http_x_accel_redirect = "" ) {
        return 403;

I couldn’t see your website. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
Are you sure that you have set the nameservers correctly?

NS2.EPIZY.COM, right?

Oh and its nonikdesigns.gq

Check this one, maybe this could help you.

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