Woocommerce incompability


Your installation of WooCommerce is incomplete. If you installed WooCommerce from GitHub, please refer to this document to set up your development environment.

The woocommerce plugin can’t be instaled on this hosting websites, i use it on the same version of wordpress on godaddy hosting and it works perfect, everytime i try to instal it on infinityfree hosted website, it shows the previous error message (even when the website is empty with no plugins or themes instaled)

Try downloading the zip file from WooCommerce – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org and extract it in wp-content>plugins folder and activate it from your wordpress dashboard. Sometimes this kind of errors occur with wordpress in Free Hosting.

Hope that this helped :wink:


I’m sorry then but I can’t help you further :frowning: . I don’t think there’s any other way to install it.

i deleted the comment, because i tried to install it from the manual instaler inside the wordpress, i’m trying your way right now, hope it works and thanks for your time :wink:


My pleasure to help. If you have nothing to ask for please mark this topic as resolved :slight_smile:

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it did work thank you so much, you helped me a lot


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