Woocommerce can not be installed

For my websites, I tried to install Woocommerce but in each case I couldn’t make it.
I tried to install plugin via wp-admin, Add Plugin interface. It took too long and it didn’t work.
Uninstalled. Tired again but same result.
Tried ftp upload via Filezilla. Files can not be uploaded due to server connection loss. (My internet connection had no problem.)
I thought it might be related to my website content and previously loaded files. Then, I changed my acccount and started from the beginning.
New account, fresh wordpress install via softaculous. Without adding any theme, I tried to install woocommerce in three different ways: Add plugin via selecting from the list. Add plugin via using zip file. FP upload.
Even in this condition, I got the same errror.

I believe that it is caused by hosting issues.

Dear admin, please help me solve this issue.


Hello there,

You may want to refer to this Knowledge Base article:

For the FTP issue, there’s currently an ongoing issue with the FTP server. Please refer to this latest announcement:


Thanks for the quick reply.
Firstly, while connecting FTP I did have that problem and I have to wait for a while as I saw from that announcement.
Secondly, I know what and how to manage installations either autoatic or manual. I also know and previously solved broken plugin/website problems. However, my real problem is ( as I mentioned before) I couldn’t be able to do any of those solutions. Automatic installation never finish by itself and using zip file method gave the same result. That’s why I couldn’t add from wp-admin interface. I tried the upload via ftp, but file upload disrupted and it didn’t work either.

Just in case if I was missing a step or doing something wrong, I asked a friend of mine (an experienced IT guy), nothing missing or wrong and nothing changed.

Even with a fresh wp installation and using default theme, woocommerce can’t be installed. I still don’t know how to solve it.

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