Woocomerce updation issue

domain name:myecart.gq
unable to update or download woocommerce plugin
i am using wordpress
i am unable to update the woocommerce plugin. I even tried uploading it manually but i am getting an error saying “file can’t be uploaded.size too big” i made a new website to check if the fault was in my website only but the new website is unable to even download woocommerce.
please help asap!

Can you extract the zip file on your computer and upload the extracted folder on htdocs/wp-content/plugins/, overwriting all the files?

hello, i tried doing that as well but it always gives me an error saying “file size too big”

Try doing it with a FTP client like FileZilla or WinSCP instead of a file manager or WordPress. Here is a tutorial for it.

thank you so much. it worked.

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