Woo Commerce plugin installation failed


website: http://daestore.infinityfreeapp.com
I try to install the woo-commerce plugin on my website for practice but it is not installed. I try it again and again but not work. :frowning: help me, please.

Do you have a screenshot?

Use FTP to do it manually:


This is the screenshot of the error.

Have a look and help me to solve this issue.

You need SSL cert for ur website to work

@dilshadahmad Try updating through FTP.

@KangJL Umm,that is a Really Simple SSL plugin error and not a Woocomerce plugin error.But still having that plugin is waste coz you didn’t install an SSL


Sorry, my bad…

I try to activate SSL using a really simple SSL plugin. You see update failed to woo-commerce plugin install.

I believe u need to install SSL cert first before using a really simple SSL plugin.
Woo-commerce plugin need installation via ftp.

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