Won't load Index.html

Hi. I’m struggling at absolute beginner. I have the main page named Index.html. It is very simple and works in browser but when I go to my website all I see is the directory of my one file website. Index.html does not load and display. What am I missing?

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Please use lowercase letters index.html not InDeX.html

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Did you make sure to put the file in the right folder? (htdocs) Also, did you try clearing your cache?

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I may have capitalized the “I”.

Thank you both.

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YW (on behalf of both) :slight_smile:

server is configured to search for 3 files ( to serve it as Homepage) in this order:

if it does not exist
it search for index.html
if it does not exist
it search for index2.html

but unix based systems are case sensitive
and Index.html is not the same file as index.html

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