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It does not allow me to upload zip files in hosting, I load it to reach 100 It does not upload the file that I have to aser some can explain me by FTP it cannot upload file since it does not recognize they told me this something I suspend to use FTP the problem I can not upload Zip files any solution

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If the zip file is greater than 10 mb, it will be automatically be deleted. What you can do is extract the zip files to pc/laptop and manually upload the extracted files.


I have a related (but slightly different) issue. I was able to upload a small zip file (9 KB) but when I click on “Extract” in the File Manager, nothing happens. I don’t see any error indication but the extracted files aren’t showing up anywhere. Am I doing something incorrectly? Thank you.

Try extracting it on your machine and just uploading the files. Or, use FileZilla. The online manager does not always work right.

I already had stuff zipped up, so for “convenience” I was trying to save some time. I also have some folders with many (small) files so it’s usually much quicker to transport them around via zip/tar. I do have all the FTP clients (FileZilla, WinSCP, etc), so I can resort to uploading that way. Thanks for the help.

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I would think that extracting and uploading vs uploading and extracting take close to the same amount of time.

Try that and let me know if it works. Those are always better than the online manager.

Not a problem!

That worked fine. The individual file uploads via FileZilla, WinSCP, etc have been working fine. It’s just in this case I already had the zips just sitting there so I thought I could just pop them up and extract them on site. Locally extracting and uploading works fine. Thanks again for the help.


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