Wix website moves to Infinity

can anyone help, please? I have a free website on Wix and I have a domain on Namecheap.
How can I transfer my Wix site to Infinity and somehow connect it to my domain on Namecheap or transfer domain to Infinity and run everything here. And of course free.
I did not find such a topic on the forum but maybe someone did it already. I am asking for help

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A Wix site must be pointed to Wix, not InfinityFree; if not you will lose all the features offered by Wix, even the player!
Here you can install WordPress. WordPress is a popular CMS used for blogs and websites.

thank you very much.
But I have built a few websites on WIX and I can’t do it now again in WordPress ;-( WiX also gives free hosting, but is it possible to connect them from WIX (without moving) to domain on Infinityfree?

You can’t use Wix features on this free hosting, but you can download the website files saving the page as a complete page, then edit with Notepad the fields that contain “yourusername.wixsite.com” or “http\:\/\/yourusername\.wixsite\.com\/yourwebsitename\/” and replace them with “http\:\/\/yourdomain” and “yourdomain”, then on path instead of “\/yourwebsitename\/” put “\/”.
yourusername is the username of the account you used to sign in to Wix, yourwebsitename is the website name you’ve chosen on the Wix editor, and yourdomain is your domain that you’ve pointed to InfinityFree.

Wix is not just a hosting provider, they also provide a fully managed website builder. However, Wix does not open their system to allow websites created with their builder to be hosted elsewhere. So if you want to use Wix’s builder, you have to pay for their hosting as well.

That said, cloning the website is a way to migrate the existing website (although making changes to it would be cumbersome). A useful tool for that is HTTrack: https://www.httrack.com/

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Thank you.It looks like a possible solution on my knowledge level ;-).I’ll try.

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Thank you admin

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don’t mention ure Wix-site in Germany.

They might think ure a Wixxer.

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