Wix to wordpress

dose anyone know how to transfer a wix website over to WordPress easily without know a-lot about website programming

You cannot do this. Wix Websites are not code friendly, and you cannot move them to WordPress as site builders want you to stick with there platforms, and not migrate to another.

I agree with @Admin, just pick a cool WordPress theme, and go from there! Best of luck!

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If you don’t know a lot about programming, the answer is probably: just start over.

Most website builders and CMS don’t provide an easy way to migrate from other software. After all, all these systems work differently and use different code and data under the hood. A programmer may be able to “glue” it together, but that’s not easy.

So I would say your best bet is to just pick a nice WordPress theme and start replicating your Wix pages in WordPress by hand.


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