With WWW website shows 404 not found page

When you put www. before website name it shows 404! We couldn’t find that page

My website URL is: cine321.online

What I’m seeing is: 404! We couldn’t find that page

please try → http://cine321.online and then

without www website is working correctly. but when you add www it will how 404! We couldn’t find that page

for more details please find screenshot below.

For me both works fine. Please clear your cache.

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Tried in different devices and browsers for me not working.
it shows 404 error page.

see screenshots…

Can you please flush your DNS cache or use VPn?


Already tried but not working

Then press Ctrl+F5 to reload the page with flushed cache if you’re on desktop and clear your browser cache, with instructions that can vary depending on which browser you’re using, if you’re on a mobile device.

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Thanks. It working after dns flush.

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