Will I be blocked from using FTP in this way?

Hello, I am programming a giant website and working hard on it, but I felt that it is difficult to work alone, so I decided to have a team, and I would like the team to be able to publish their pages directly on my website, but of course it does not make sense for me to provide them with my FTP information. . Since they will control my entire site, I decided to program several pages in the form of a simple file manager and code editor with which they can publish pages, but on specific islands. I specify it for them in the database responsible for the tasks. But I thought a little and thought to myself that maybe I was violating the hosting rules. So I came here to ask you and know whether writing codes as a simple file browser and code editor for FTP files for hosting is allowed or not.
I hope to respond as soon as possible

Yes, that is fine. You can review the terms at //infinityfree.net/terms


These are large and many items, and I don’t think I found anything about ftp files, but is what I told you banned or not? @Greenreader9

No, it’s not banned. Greenreader was only referring you to the TOS so that you can further review what isn’t allowed on your website. But what you’re doing is fine.


Okay thank you, I understand now

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