Will Botpress Chatbot work with Infinity Free?

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I included Botpress tags to my website but the chatbot does not open up. Any restriction in using this in Infinity Free?

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Hi, welcome back. Unfortunately chat scripts are not allowed on free hosting:

Chat scripts are not allowed on our hosting.


ok. Just to confirm, the bot is hosted in an external site (Botpress) and referred using script tags in the Infinity free website. So this is also not allowed?

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No, that is allowed. The thing that is disallowed is hosting the chatbot here, however, this is not what you are doing.


well I am using script tags in my site to refer to the chatbot that is hosted in Botpress (like below). Are there any restrictions to this?

script src=https://cdn.botpress.cloud/webchat/v1/inject.js 
script src=https://mediafiles.botpress.cloud/447761...7/webchat/config.js" defer
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What do you see in the browser console? There should be error listed there (press F12 in order to open it)


Browser console says “Failed to load Resource…404”. On clicking the error it says “The specified key does not exist”. So is this unrelated to Infinity Free and something I need to pick up with Botpress?

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404 means the file that you are trying to link does not exist.

You need to contact botpress regarding it.


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