Why wp cron not running now

Why wp cron not running now, in past I create lot website and it runs on them also automatically, but now after the update it does not run automatically on new website when I create. why?

I tried lot of things like add cron job, edit and save script, watching guilds but nothing helpful.

Does anyone have this kind of same problem.



How did you setup wp cron? Did you usage a cron job, are you using the built-in web cron runner, or something else entirely?


I am using WordPress automatic plugin for auto blogging. In past 1 or 2 month I create 5 free subdomain website for auto blogging and it works and it’s even working now. It post 5 to 10 blog post automatically from feed to post.

But when i create second account with same login and do same thing it stopped working it’s been 15 days that I am trying but nothing works. I also add cron job but that runs only when I visit or see website admin panel. I think that wp cron stopped working like before.

For admin: you can even check my account if you want sir. Is there some kind of restrictions you add this time. Or something that I do wrong please show me. :pray:


That plugin sounds costly. $19?
Please note that nulled plugins are strictly forbidden on free hosting. Also, I don’t suggest using this plugin here since it uses a lot of server resources per pull.


I think you didn’t read my full text. So read full and clearly first, I also said that I already create free subdomain 5 autoblogging website and they now working fine now. So why not new website that I create.

I did read your post. I am just warning you about the consequences of using nulled plugins

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