Why was my account disabled?


Why was my account disabled? I didn’t abuse the site and there is NO way I hit my daily limit.

Please I put a lot of work into this site :frowning:

usually the account is only disabled for 24 hours

check in your account at Login to your account - InfinityFree there should be a reason


It says either abuse or using way to much resources. Like I already said It is very unlikely I hit a limit. And I don’t know how i would have abused it either.

It could be that a script on your site used too much cpu resources

Have a look on your cPanel Metrics >> Account Statistics it should give a clue


Can’t. It wont let me.

ah sorry I didnt realise that cPanel wouldnt be available while the account is disabled

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Check client area. You can see what is the problem there :slight_smile:


They said “head.php is not allowed here” bro… I- what?! Well damn guys you could at least say what is wrong with “head.php” all I used it for is to name my site and for themes. also a topbar my site was taken down after I placed a topbar in. Does that take too many resources to put that in automatically on each page? They could have at least let me fix it or something bruh.

Just make sure there’s no malicious code

Give me an example of that because i’m still new.

Then ask it in the ticket! We can’t help you here. If a message is unclear, ask followup questions in the ticket!

Ask it in the ticket! Ask it in the ticket! I can’t repeat it often enough. Ask it in the ticket.


Ah, I understand why my site was taken down.

could you possibly share what the issue was and how you fixed it ?

it could be very useful for other users developing websites to prevent the same thing happening to them (im curious too :slight_smile: )


Don’t try to hide your site using a brand popular in schools like Gdocs or Canvas. The only reason I got my site back is because head.php was deleted and it had Google Drive in it. If you are wondering why I would try to hide it. It is because this site is meant to play games in school on. And you wouldn’t want a teacher or someone else to see it while you are on a different site. So its hidden with a popular name and logo. (I can’t do that, I know now.)

The site was titled Google Drive

ah ! hiding games on school computers, that takes me back and made me giggle :laughing:

Do you have any ideas of how I could hide mine? I still don’t want it too obvious lel.

repl.it allows you to make “unblockers”, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to impersonate big companies (if Google found out they could get mad, although your project is so little I doubt it. Still, it could be against the law depending on where you live)

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You could put games in an Iframe and title the site something informative like:

Quantum computing: How decoherence and the no-copy theorem make things harder.

In addition, you could put some facts on the site to make it seem more legit.

LOL teacher gonna think u sm0rt boi.

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Yeah I mainly use Iframes.