Why video cannot be created? + MonstaFTP Update

My website URL is http://5code.rf.gd/study/21c.html (No SSL!)

First thing I want to say is hosting service trying to terminate any type of videos.
I can understand when it is storage limit but I compressed video under 10MB but still not uploading (But shown very shortly). How much I can upload on my webpage?
Is it differ with rf.gd and epizy.com domain?

The second question is Monsta FTP update. It always shows a caution icon when I try to upload items. Also, I can’t proceed update because it needs owner to update to 3.9.3.

First Question: Make a video with PowerDirector 15(PC), Kinemaster, or Microsoft movie maker.
Upload it with Monsta FTP or Filezilla.
It just stops uploading because of storage.
I just used approx. 100MB in that domain and Monsta FTP’s limit was 50MB but just stopped uploading.

Second Question is open Monsta FTP, open folder htdocs, and click icon next to information icon.

PC: Windows 10 Pro (No KMS Auto or any piracy)
Storage: 300GB
Software: Monsta FTP and FileZilla
Browser: Chromium-based browser (Naver Whale)
Network: 100Mb/s

For the first question, read this KB article.
For the second question, please ignore that warning, because iFastNet needs to do that; we are not authorized to upgrade Monsta FTP without a master password that we can’t even remember.

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Video files are automatically deleted when you try to upload them, since hosting video sharing sites is against the rules. Even if all of the videos are under 10mbs, you still can’t have them on InfinityFree’s servers here.


As the user above me said. hosting video files on this host site is illegal.

however. you can also share the videos on your site. but you’ve to host yours on youtube. then share them on your site with <video> element. (it must not be pirated movie or stolen one)


Embedding videos from YouTube on a site is fine, as long as the videos themselves aren’t illegal, piracy, or otherwise violate any rules or laws. The easiest way is to click the share button on a YouTube video, choose the embed option, and copy the code it gives you.


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