Why the hell my profile image is being removed

That’s very sad and unpleasant to see that the the authorities are removing my profile picture.
Aren’t we independent set on profile picture?
IF sucks !!

I guess that is because you are using the same profile picture as Admin.
I believe this is to avoid confusion.
There can only be one Admin…


Most likely due to the fact that your username and profit pic may confuse someone you work for (Or are related to) IF, while you actually are not (And please stop spamming topics as well).


U know what we can choose what ever username we like, until it’s available.
And I am not spamming just saying the truth, and sometimes truth sucks.


Who are you?

Oh hey long time no see, how is it going in Singapore? :smiley:

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@anon16404719 hii I am all great here in Singapore, how are you doing

Oh you got it :wink:


Yes Mrs I am… Any issues ??

The Aussie in SG?

yeah, afaik

Changed your gender?

Why the hell shall I change, you forgotten about me…

You know me well, don’t you?

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well apparently not ig

BDyeno === BayoDino ???

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Who is BayoDino again?

Nvm, mistaken identity


It is OK. I’m trolling you.