Why the epizy subdomain for backend for IF?

Why does the backend for IF use epizy.com. Like cpanel.epizy.com. Was IF originally called Epizy? All the hosting accounts begin with epiz_. I know it’s one of their older subdomains. Maybe it’s just because that all the subdomains work very differently (a normal user can’t tell the difference, only the site owner does) and epizy is the right one for the backend?

Because admin signup for mofh with epizy.com? And infinityfree.com for marketing and branding? All account would start with epis_ cuz using one api, you can create accounts for others domains as well. Dunno, I’m not the correct person to tell.

InfinityFree.net was always InfinityFree.net. But to be able to use domains like cpanel.infinityfree.net, I would need to add infinityfree.net to the platform as a system domain. And to use it as a system domain, I would need to use the free hosting’s DNS management, free hosting’s website hosting, and give everyone the ability to get free subdomains of infinityfree.net. I didn’t want any of those things, so I couldn’t add infinityfree.net to the platform.

Which basically left me with no choice but to use the subdomain domains for the control panel, nameservers and so on.

Functionally, there is no difference between cpanel.epizy.com, cpanel.rf.gd, cpanel.infinityfreeapp.com, etc.

But it’s much easier to use one domain as the “primary” domain, both for my own management, but also consistency of documentation (being able to tell people “use ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com” is more convenient than “check your panel for the nameservers”).

There isn’t really a functional reason why epizy.com has to be the primary domain. And for a time, it wasn’t. But it is now, and there is no reason to change it.



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