Why Suspended my link effamily-cs.rf.gd

I want to ask why my hosting was stopped. This traffic is free and is forever and now I don’t know why you are stopping my host

Check your client area and wait for 24 hours


Friend just when I started to integrate style and suddenly I was locked in the forum. Will I get the forum online again? I can’t wait to finish my site


Is something being done on the site or are you adding new things?

nothing happened actually

Good look. I’m not a pure Englishman. I’m just Bulgarian and I found out about your company that you have free hosting forever.

Can you tell me why this is happening to me?

Can you visit your Client Area and follow what it says?


Yes, everything is possible for me to be activated within 24 hours, but as I see that the aquanta also has a control panel, but I do not understand that 24 hours have passed and the site is not online yet. Why is it closed for what you did this thing

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