Why ssl certificate is not redy

I have changed linked the SSL certificate on my CNAME Records on my infinity free account and I waited 24hours , still not ready
any one can help?

Without more info, no one can help.
Start by providing screenshots


The client area says:

We couldn’t identify the nameservers of your domain name.
Please set up the CNAME records at your domain’s DNS provider.
These are the nameservers we detected on your domain name: dns1.cscdns.net, dns2.cscdns.net.

Please read and understand the second line.

I don’t know what service uses the name “csdns.net”, but that’s the place where you need to add the DNS records. If you should add them through our panel, the instructions would say so.

Just noticed something: the SSL order is for eathealthy.com, but on your account you have the domain eatheathly.com. And of course, you can’t get an SSL certificate for a domain you don’t own.

Please delete this SSL certificate order and create a new one with the right domain.


http://eathealthy.com is my domain name

dns1.cscdns.net dns2.cscdns.(i can’t find these nameservers on my GoDaddy account)

Are you 100% sure that eathealthy.com is your domain name?

Because the WHOIS information of the domain shows the domain is registered through a company called Corporation Service Company (CSC), who I presume also operate cscdns.net. It also says the domain was registered in 1998, and is owned by Kraft Foods, one of the largest food production companies in the world.

So I find it very hard to believe that you actually own eathealthy.com, and not a domain that looks similar (but is different). Also considering your hosting account has the domain eatheathly.com, not eathealthy.com, and you can’t add a domain to an account without owning it.

The domain eatheathly.com, on the other hand, was registered last October at Go Daddy with a private registrant. And given that this is also the domain that’s on your account, I think that this is the domain name you actually own.

So can you please login to your Go Daddy account and check very carefully what’s the actual domain name you registered?


see! it’s my domain name

and yeah I have a redirect Problem to another website called:myfoodandfamily.com

am very confused here

any suggestions on what should I do?

here is the DNS and it’s pointed to infinity free

As Admin said previously, you own eatheathly.com, not eathealthy.com.

Your nameservers appear to be set, but have not propagated. You may want to try setting them again.
As for myfoodandfamily.com, you need to set the nameservers as you did for the first domain.


Just so you know, your domain sounds manipulating of the actual branded domain. Who knows,your domain might get blocked for copyright violation.

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Yes, THAT is your domain name… with two very clear L’s in the name.

So it’s eathealtLy.com, not eathealthy.com.

And you’re trying to request an SSL certificate for eathealthy.com, which is not your domain.

On eathealthy.com? Yes, that’s Kraft Foods, who owns eathealthy.com, redirecting their domain to another domain they own.

Your domain is eathealthLy.com. With an L in it. Not eathealthy.com. eathealthy.com is a domain owned by a big company.

eathealthLy.com is your domain, eathealthLy.com is the domain for which you can request an SSL certificate, that’s is the domain name assigned to your hosting account and eathealthLy.com is the domain for which you set setup a website.

Not eathealthy.com (without the second L). You don’t own that domain.

I think you may have registered a different domain name than you thought you did.

Always be very careful when checking domain names: a single letter, number or other character being different makes it a completely different domain name.


ssl is activated


yeah I thought I bought eathealthy.com but … misclicked I guess I don’t know

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You cannot even buy that. It is a premium domain.

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