Why retrieving data from my mysql database doess't work?

I just finished creating my website in localhost with wamp and it work corectly ,
but when i host it here with free offer (it’s not the first time that I use it) my database
doesn’t rerteive column .
this is my website: http://chat07.epizy.com/
there is a lot of stuff that they aren’t shown like blog body and blog title…ect?
and i don’t why??

Hello there,

Make sure that you’re not using “localhost” in your MySQL credentials, your MySQL server should be like this sqlxxx.epizy.com which you can find on the Control Panel.

And also make sure you’re also using your MySQL database password and not your Client Area password, both are different. You can find your MySQL credentials in the Client Area.


Make sure that you changed your site url from localhost to your domain and also make sure that your images are not using the localhost url instead of your main, domain url

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I already did that, none of that was the problem ,
the database work but not for all column in the table
for example the title doesn’t show but the author do
and when I went to view my database i saw that all of these are in their table

Could you try debugging your code to ensure that the database query return the data at all? It could be that your code doesn’t print the right column, or doesn’t request the right column from the database.

It is of course possible that MySQL or PHP are malfunctioning in some way, but specific issues like these tend to be code related.


yes, i found it it was sql problem

For me your posts do have titles and author name.

thanks bro , i had already fix it , some changes in sql file hapened when i had host it from
localhost to the hoster

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