Why mysql datetime is late for 4 minutes?

Sorry if my question is dumb and has nothing to do with hosting. I don’t know where the problem is. When i add new post to db, time column is already wrong in minutes. Hours too, but this is because of timezone which i convert on client side (at least i hope i do lol). But why minutes are wrong? How to fix it?

if anyone is interested you can check it here: https://myportfolioapp.infinityfreeapp.com/comments


It seems that the time is wrong on various SQL servers
for example, on this one, the difference is 25 min

phpMyAdmin from Control Panel

so yours is still acceptable
but you can check it yourself by typing the two commands from the picture into the SQL tab - query



This morning the admin will probably send a request upstream so that the problem is solved as soon as possible.


Good to know that it’s not because of my shitty code. I think i fixed code on my side and i see right hours now, but still wrong minutes, so i’ll just wait. Thank you


Hmm, it does indeed seem like multiple database servers have incorrect system clocks.

I’ve collected the reports I know about and sent them to iFastNet so they can fix it.


@Nikos96 it has been corrected.
I looked at your site as well as “my test SQL server” and the time is now displayed correctly.

Thanks for pointing out that problem to us
and good luck with your further work.


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