Why my website was suspended?

Why my website was suspended?
my website is built to make booking flights and hotels and I created it by WordPress suddenly its stopped and suspended why?
my account is: epiz_24217969
my website is : http://cheaptravelstoday.ml
please help me how can I don’t make it suspend again
I misunderstand what’s happen
please reply to me

After 24 hours, you should try to install a caching plugin, like Autoptimize.

but i don’t understand why my website suspended?

Your website is suspended because you hit one of our resource limits (examples, CPU, I/O, RAM, Daily Hits).

how can i not hit it again i just need to build my website quickly i just uploaded my theme and plugins and use ftp program why when i working its sunbed

Did you read my 1st post on this topic? If not, there it is:

Did you check your client area already? It should show a suspension reason there. What do you see there?

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