Why my website suspanded back without doing anything else?

@dhruv_lathia / https://filmmagik.rf.gd

Error Message :
My website hits CPU limits without hitting the CPU

My Issue with Feedback :
My Website Got Suspended but after 24 hours it becomes reactivated, no problems found until when my website got suspended again after 10 minutes of reactivation. i did noting today, & i saw CPU graph it cool-down yet i am getting suspension daily, you shortly wanted to do suspend my website everyday, wait for 24 hour & again suspend, & again wait & again suspend. that is why your website known as infinityfree. this scene make me understand that beginners can do nothing without money.

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Nothing to say…

Check this out

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I see your website got suspended for overloading the database on the 11th of January, generating too much CPU usage on the 13th and hitting the EP limit this morning.

We don’t want to have to suspend your website over and over again, but if you don’t solve whatever is causing it to hit the server so hard, that’s going to keep happening.

Which suspension are you referring to exactly. Because looking at the suspension history of the current suspension, there are 4 hours between the reactivation and suspension, not 10 minutes.


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