Why my website is Offline?

It shows this error:


The server appears to be down. Please try again later.

In the future, this error screen could provide you with actions you can perform while offline, like edit recent drafts in Gutenberg.

username: epiz_26070192
website: mytestblog.gq

If hosting is new, please wait 24 hours.

Its not new, its very old

Pls show CloudFlare dns entry.
I believe A record is missing.

I removed my website from Cloudflare, because I don’t want to use cloudflare.

Domain pointing to Infinityfree nameservers???
ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com

yes, domain is pointing to infinity free nameservers

Need to wait for dns propagation, still not ready…

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Its still not propagated anywhere, something’s wrong

DNS propogation acts in set yet uncertain ways, InfinityFree immediately changes and adds the DNS record, It can take up to 24 hours for other dns servers to acknowledge this, this is most likely down to something beyond your control: TTL (Time to live), the time in seconds under the dns server requests a new record.

For example, epizy.com has a TTL of 21599 (Seconds), which is about 5 hours, which means after 5 hours the dns server will request a new record

However with my domain hng.haw.tf, it’s TTL is 300, so every 300 seconds, a new record is requested, this means a heavier strain on the DNS server, yet more frequent updates.

Mine is only setup so low because it is a public subdomain registry, so new records are constantly added and removed.

TL;DR: Shorter TTL means faster propagation, it's out of your control, just wait

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