Why my website is not live yet?

Website URL - jkinternationals.in

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Account Name - epiz_32212690
Label - Website for jkinternationals.in

My website is not live yet

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It’s been 72 hours but my website is not live yet. I have uploaded all the required files and added a database in Cpanel and also I have connected the database to files but still, my website is not live. It would be very helpful if you guide me in this.

Thank You.

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Welcome! I see the default welcome page.

This means that you do not have an index.html or an index.PHP file. Whatever file is supposed to show when visitors first visit your website should be called index.html or index.PHP.


Thank you for reverting back.
Just I have checked whether the file exists or not and I found the index.php and index2.html these two files already exist in the htdocs folder.
Thank you.

Can you screenshot the following in the file manager/FTP software?

The root page (Before you open any folders)

The htdocs folder

Please include the entire screen, EXCEPT the URL bar (Showing the URL can expose your password)


I just checked your website and I get a redirect loop.

The code seems to be a mix of two different WordPress installations and some custom scripts.

If I were you, I would remove all the files and just reinstall WordPress.


As per your request, I am sharing with you screenshots of root page and htdocs forlder.
Please check the attachment for the same.

The system is not allowing to put all three screenshots in one replay so I am adding the remaining screenshots in next reply.

htdocs screenshot

htdocs screenshot 2

As per your suggestion, I removed all the files and reinstall WordPress but still, the site is not live. I am sharing the screenshot of the landing page of the website.

Thank you.

Working for me


I have uploaded a website from localhost and that website is not appearing. I have uploaded all the required files as well.
Thank you.

What have you uploaded? Please show or screenshot.

What do you expect to see?

What files?

Oh… you are uploading a website from localhost? Yeah, then you probably should not install WordPress through Softaculous. The two mashed together WordPress installations made me assume that this was the case.

If you already have a website, you’ll want to remove WordPress and upload your own files instead. You can remove the entire WordPress installation through Softaculous.

And to help prevent us giving more instructions that don’t help you, can you please explain a bit more about your pre-existing site?

How is this pre-existing site built? There was an index.php file with some references to XAMPP and a redirect to a /dashboard/ URL, but there was no dashboard folder in your htdocs. And there were two WordPress installations among the files. Is your existing site using WordPress as well?


Yes, I have uploaded a website from localhost. It means I should not install WordPress from Softculous if I am uploading a website from my localhost because WordPress files are already there in my database or in my project folder so I have uninstalled WordPress which I downloaded from Softculous.

I have built my pre-existing site using WordPress. The dashboard folder was missing in htdocs but now I have added all remaining folders like XAMPP, Webalizer and img and still my site is not working. I am attaching the screenshot please check.

I believe you are doing it all wrong.
You are literally copying all contents from pc/laptop to server.
Which is why it did not work.

This guide should help

Do not use the plugin method. Do it manually


I’m having some trouble accessing your website now, because your domain’s nameserver settings are not correct. The nameservers to use are ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com.

There are no nameservers ns3.epizy.com and ns4.epizy.com. And you should not just start making up your own

And referring back to this guide:

I see you have moved your files and the contents of the database. However, you still need to add the credentials of the database to the WordPress config file.


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