Why my website is not live even after changing nameservers

I bought a domain name but suddenly it is not live even after changing nameservers and installing a softacoulous wordpress page on https://bettingprediction.xyz. please help

i checked ip blocker and found that is off please help

patience, DNS changes takes time.

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yes it was week ago when i changed . but after changing and registering to infinityfree now when i designed a wordpress website its not live.
website is https://bettingprediction.xyz/

i took time even i waited a week

For me it seems to “load”, then reload infinitely after a delay. Probably a problem with softaculous. The domain seems to be live.

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It looks like the system has not assigned an IP and it is still parked on Bodis

Screenshot 2022-05-20 191516

Screenshot 2022-05-20 191536

Please remove the domain from the system and add it again
and by doing so you will force the server to refresh the data

then wait for DNS propagation

you probably have an ad blocker like uBlock
so you see the redirection loop (bodis)


Correct, I will try without it.
Seems to be a parked ad site.


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