Why my website is down for second time in 2 dayes?


My website is down for second time in 2 days … why?


Please read this


Like it says in the client area: your account hit the entry process limit twice. And if you don’t take away the source of the high entry process usage, it will likely be suspended again.


Yes ,but which is the source of the high entry process usage ?

You should open a support ticket, however these are commonly as the article shared about says, too many PHP files, or unused wordpress plugins, or just loads of php scripts;

Every time a request to a PHP script on your website is made, a new program is started to execute your PHP code. This process then executes your code, sends the response to the visitor, and finally quits.
Note that one entry process is created for every request , not every PHP file. So if your code includes multiple PHP files, these still count as one entry process.


Nobody here can tell for sure what generates your entry process usage. We only track overall usage of entry processes per account as a set of simple counters. We don’t record metrics detailed enough to attribute the usage to specific domains, websites, scripts, pages, plugins, themes or functions.

The CPU limit article has a section with more information about how we record metrics.


Same. im super announced. 2nd day in a row i havent been able to do anything . my site just a infinity ad .

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