Why my website can't upload sitemap on GSC? GSC found that my sitemap.xml is a http not a xml file. What's problem?

My website http://oot-hondat.epizy.com/

GSC can’t read my sitemap.xml beacause they found it is a html file. I check the file sitemap on xml-sitemap website and they say like this

can anyone help me? i don’t understand this.
Another problem is the internal link is default rel=“nofollow” . I try to set rel=“dofollow” but nothing change, www.xml-sitemaps.com can’t find my internal link.

I think it is because you are using infinityfree subdomain. Try to have your own free domain using freenom, and generate and check it again.


Just like @anon19508339 said, you can’t because the security system will block anyone who can’t prove their identity.
Unless Google Search Console has some way that crawls your website automatically which will not violates the security measures(aes.js).

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