Why my subdomain doesnt work?



Error Message

syntax error to many dots

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You cannot create sub-sub domains of a free subdomain.

it is not sub sub domain!
it is a normal subdomain

Sorry, I mis-read your first post, my bad.

You should be able to add the subdomain in the “Subdomin” section of the control panel. In the test box, enter the subdomain title “ex. blog”, and then select “alchimedes.eu.org” from the dropdown.

i treid to add subdomain.alchimedes.eu.org
but it is not available

Are you adding it in the subdomains section? Please screenshot the page after you enter the information, but before you click the submit button

sorry for first screenshoot
this is the Right one

You did not follow instructions:

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@Greenreader9 i wanna add subdomain to a domain that exists on another hsot!!

That’s not possible, I’m sorry to say. Subdomains can only be added through the Subdomains menu. And the only domains of which you can create subdomains are the domains we provide for free subdomains, and your own domains you added as Addon Domains.

Adding subdomains as addon domains or parked domains is not possible.


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