Why my site cannot display

Username: epiz_26031022

Error Message

after I uploaded all the my web file into htdocs also with index.html in the htdocs root folder ,
I type infinityfreenet.epizy.com to view my website, there is not any my web view, but the epizy.com default page.

how to resolve this issue? thanks
(please share the FULL error message you see)

Other Information

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Hello , thanks for timely reply, I will try. and can you see my site from you side?

I can see it.

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Hello, Why I cannot see any thing from your recommended article in the knowledge base…

Oh, I can see it now,I go though it and will turn to you later if need, thanks you

Hello I go through your article.
does that means I should wait for some time?

yes you’ve to.

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OK, shall I configure my windows DNS server? or just wait here do nothing

It is working now, thanks~

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