Why my page is blank? It was ok before

http://spade.rf.gd/ <<< I just uploaded flatpress script through file manager,drag and drop,and everything went smooth. It say it takes 72 hours?:joy: I cant wait,I need to update my android wallpapers soon. Redirecting...

Since your code has error, it’ll take infinity hours :grin:


Its blank. I cannot see the error.

Follow the article @anon19508339 posted to enable display errors first.

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If the .htacess file causing the page being blank,I already removed it before posting here. I tried opening the page from my phone,its the same.

I’m sorry, but didn’t you enable display errors?

If you press F12, you’ll see the error on console.

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I re start my pc,now is there. How do I fix this?It is from the flatpress script?

I seen the error,the smartyValidate. Does the Softaculous auto install any script in 1 click? Im searching for less than 5 mb blog script,If is available, what is it?

Yep the Softaculous app installer will auto-install any script available in their repository with just one click but you do have to fill out some necessary information like what directory will you install your site on, what will be your admin credentials and etc.

Try this one:

I search for this and did not find,im looking for referrals id/link, to promote this site.

It’s available on Softaculous app installer under the “Blog” category.
Alternatively you can search the name “Pubvana” on the Softaculous search bar.

No. Im done installing the site http://spade.rf.gd/, posted my wallpapers there. Im talking this website referrals program. you know Free Web Hosting with PHP and MySQL - InfinityFree <<<<< im talking this.

Oh ok.

Well I don’t know whether InfinityFree even has its own referall program but as far as what I’m aware it doesn’t have one. But InfinityFree is a part of the referral program of iFastNet.

Sorry coming back here. but there this error above spade.rf.gd/ “Deprecated: Methods …” I cant figured this out. What is this?

Note: I reinstall the script, and its the same. that noticed still above.Help?:anguished:

It looks that script works with older versions of PHP and not new versions, changing your php version to 5.x may fix this?

A deprecation notice is not an error. It typically doesn’t indicate that your code is broken, but only that the way it’s written is no longer recommended by PHP and may stop working with a later PHP version.

So reinstalling the script won’t fix that. After all, removing one copy of outdated code with a fresh copy of the same outdated code doesn’t change the fact that it’s outdated code.

As a temporary workaround, you can set your account’s PHP version to 5.6, like @anon19508339 recommended, and see if that helps. But the actual solution here is to update the software to make sure it’s compatible with the latest versions of PHP, or to replace this software with other software which is being updated.

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