Why my main domain Showing Supended page

i am tring to point my main domain in infinity to another domain records by cloudflare
but whet i try to reach my main domain that cifr14ih.epizy.com
it’s showing Supended domain page why?!

This should answer your question

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Why my main domain Showing Supended page?

The account was suspended, but the Deactivation History shows that it was reactivated.

Please advise.

Please share a screenshot of your Deactivation History.page


Screen-shot attached…


  • Deactivate and Re-Activate again


Note: Backup your whole website (files, databases)

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Thanks Blackzzone,

I tried that, but same issue. I shall give it a few days to see if propagation is an issue.

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The main domain always shows a suspended page. That’s what it says in the article @KangJL linked to, it’s completely normal and doesn’t say anything about the actual websites you are hosting.

@Antonimo, can you share your domain?

@iiMidohany, note that the main domain is auto-generated and will always show the suspended page. Please check the “domains” section of the client area to find the real domain of your account.

Thank you all for your help.

I think the issue is that my domain had expired.

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