Why my cpu daily limit very low then my other free account

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Your InfinityFree account epiz_25963192 (Website for webgator.ga) has been temporarily suspended .

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Hello there,

How did you make such a conclusion that one of your account has a lower CPU limit than your other account?

As far as I’m aware every hosting account here has the same CPU Limit, Resources limit and any other server limits unless if the system limited you on something.

Also take note that your other account might be using the server CPU more which is why it got suspended quickly than your other hosting account. If you’re hosting a basic html file then your site is unlikely to hit the CPU limit and if you’re hosting a very heavy website script on your other one then it is very likely and faster to hit the CPU limit which will result in a suspension.

So basically it depends on what kind of stuff you are hosting on your different accounts


both have same wordpress theme same plugin

There are many factors on why your other account got suspended.

It could be because you are using and managing your WordPress backend too much and executing many stuffs that caused it to utilized all the CPU to hit the limit. While on your other WordPress site you are not doing anything with it that much that it didn’t utilized all the CPU resources available.

i didn’t do much with backend just login backend and open theme editor, I got mail your account suspended it happen two times back to back. fist time when I change the theme. after 24 hours it happens again. even my both account have same themes.

I told you there are many factors and reasons to put into consideration of why your site hit the CPU limit.
For more information please refer to this Knowledge Base article:

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Here are some reasons why your wordpress account has been suspended:

Too much using heavy plugins. Such as yoast, jetpack etc…
Too much cache, didn’t even clear the caches once.
Too much website refresh. Previewing and refreshing just after you saved and edited your layout/post.

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