Why McAfee is blocking my internet access on my website (codesquiz.in)?

Hi I have a infinityfree account epiz_32931874 (URL: codesquiz.in) for some reason mcafee is blocking me from getting onto my website with the message: “Your Internet access is blocked. Firewall or antivirus software may have blocked the connection.”

Why my site was blocked by internet…?

Thank you for your time.

No idea. McAfee’s own site lookup tool has the site as “Uncategorized”, and VirusTotal gives a 0 (clean) rating.

Try whitelisting/adding your site as a Trusted Site in the firewall settings. If McAfee has a report false positives button somewhere, click that and try letting their support know of the issue.


Thanks @ChrisPAR , But why only my site was blocked ?

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You will have to ask the antivirus company that.


Any Other Solution ?

Uninstall the antivirus program. Some antiviral programs are known to still function even if they are disabled.


Thanks @wackyblackie, But I have used paid antivirus.

The only solution is to directly contact McAfee and ask them why your site was blacklisted/to whitelist it. Since you’re a paid customer, you should have (in theory) easier access/priority to their support team.
There’s not anything that can be done from InfinityFree’s side, as far as I’m aware.


Thanks @ChrisPAR


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